YES. A credit card is needed to guarantee any online reservations.
YES. The deposit serves to ensure the renter for any damages by covering the franchise. The goal is to make the driver responsible of the vehicle and avoid any sinister.
In case of a sinistre with a rented vehicle, the primary driver must pay a franchise : it is his financial contribution for the repairs. The amount of the franchise varies between 500.- and 2'500.- Swiss francs.
NO. The insurance is included in the rental price and covers any materials and corporals damages caused to a third. If you want you have also the possibility to pay for suscribing an complementary insurance (casco complet) which covers any damages on the rented vehicle.
startul startli Any damage caused by non-compliance with the rental conditions endli startli Any damages caused by non-compliance of the road code endli startli Any damages caused by a driver not declared in the rental contract endli startli Careless behavior or drunk driving endli startli Any damage on the car’s frame or the oil tank and the direct consequences endli startli Any operational damage to the gearbox, engine or driving endli startli Loss or damage of the car’s keys endli startli Personnal effects damaged or stolen endli startli The direct costs – tow costs or calls costs, overnights costs endli startli Specifics accessorizes endli startli Implication in motorsports events endli startli Towing others vehicles endli endul
From 18 years old
YES. It is possible until 48 hours before your departure and depending on our availabilities.
NO. But you cancel your reservation 48 hours before your reservation time by calling us during our opening hours.
YES, but he or she must be in possession of a valid driving licence and declared as the second driver before your departure. This option is free but it is the principal driver who is responsible.
No. For instance Simply Go is only situated in Villars-sur-Glâne.
YES, It is possible to pick up and return a vehicle outside of the rental hours. Please inform the rental office about time of pickup and return.
In case of early return of the rented vehicle, no refund will be possible. In case of early or late pick-up of the rental vehicle, additional costs may be charged.
YES, when booking a rental car and if you plan to cross borders, it is recommended that you inform the rental office after the reservation is confirmed. There are all kinds of restrictions that must be respected. If you plan to transit through one or more countries, the transit countries must also be indicated.
YES, the vehicle is picked up and returned with a full tank of fuel. If the vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel, you will be charged an additional fee for the missing fuel plus a processing fee.
YES, we ask that you leave the fuel receipt inside the vehicle at the time of return and that you retain all invoices/receipts, issued during the rental period.
In the event of an incident, please observe the following procedure: startul startli Please notify the rental office immediately of the type and extent of the incident. A police report will be required to detail the damage. endli startli You can document the damage with photos. endli startli If an adverse part is involved, please contact the police immediately and request a police report. endli startli Please send a signed report of the damage that occurred during the accident. endli startli In case of vehicle immobilization, an emergency service is available 24 hours a day. You will find the number on the key ring of the rental car. endli endul