In effect from 01.09.2013

1.Authorized drivers

1.1.Driving license validity: The driver must be in possession of a category B license. The license must be presented to the owner and will be photocopied when the vehicle is picked up. For drivers abroad without a Swiss license, an identity card will be required.

1.2.Extra drivers  : extra drivers including the renter must respond to the requirements of point 1.1. However, the signatory of the rental agreement remains fully responsible.

2.Rental period

2.1 Start and end of the rental period: Regardless of the contract signature date, the rental begins on the agreed date with the actual handover of the vehicle to the renter. The rental ends on the agreed date, on which date the vehicle must be returned with its keys to the owner or in the key box. If the renter cannot pick up the vehicle at the agreed time or cannot return it at the agreed time, he/she shall immediately inform the owner .

2.2 Extension of the lease : If the lessee wants to extend the lease, he/she shall immediately inform the owner , who shall inform him/her whether he/she can keep the leased vehicle or, in case of impossibility of extension, he/she shall return it.

3. Taking over the vehicle:

3.1 Contract: A contract stipulating the details of the rental is signed between the owner and the renter. The owner makes a copy of the driver’s license and gives the keys of the vehicle, in perfect working order and clean, to the renter.

3.2 Deposit: The deposit is deposited before taking the vehicle. It amounts to CHF 300. The deposit can be paid cash or by credit card. It will be returned upon return of the vehicle if no damage has been noted.

3.3 Payment of the rental: It is made in full when picking up the vehicle. Additional kilometers will be charged upon return of the vehicle. VAT is included in the rental price. In the event of non-payment, all litigation procedures involving the opening of file costs amount to CHF 250. In addition, the owner reserves the right to charge interest for non-payment of a debt.

3.4 Vehicle inspection: Before taking over the vehicle, a check of the condition of the vehicle is carried out in the presence of the owner and the renter by means of an attached document, signed by both parties. The lessee is obliged to check the condition of the vehicle and to immediately inform the owner of any defects before leaving the place of handover. Lastly, the vehicle will be refueled within the rental perimeter. The report of the vehicle will be filmed and sent to the hirer’s cell phone. The renter is responsible for any defects that he/she has not reported before leaving.

3.5 Fuel: The costs of fuel are to be borne exclusively by the renter. In case of incomplete filling up, the owner has the right, in addition to the missing fuel, to add 1.00 € per liter for the inconvenience caused. A card to fill up the tank will be provided to the owner, who will be responsible for it, and in case of loss, an amount of 20.00 will be asked.

4.1 Breakdowns: The owner will do everything in its power to avoid mechanical defects or breakdowns of the vehicles.

4.1 Breakdowns: The owner will do everything in his/her power to avoid mechanical defects or breakdowns of the vehicles. In the event of a defect or breakdown, the renter is obliged to inform the owner immediately. Outside business hours, he/she shall contact the mechanic whose number is on the key ring directly. The mechanic will assess whether it is a defect due to the renter’s misconduct or a mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear, which will determine who is responsible for paying for the repair.

4.2 Accident, theft and damage:

4.3 Damage to and repair of the vehicle: For any damage to the vehicle occurring during its use, the owner shall keep the deposit of CHF 300. A deductible of CHF 2,000 will be charged for each event. For drivers with a definitivedriving license, there is also a possibility to take out a full insurance with a deductible of 500.00 CHF by paying a supplement. For drivers who do not yet have a definitive license, the deductible will be 2500. Student drivers are not covered. The hirer is obliged to inform the owner immediately of any damage that occurs during the use of the vehicle. Any necessary repairs will be carried out by a garage designated by the owner . The renter is solely responsible for the payment of any work that he/she has entrusted to a third party not approved by the lessor or without the consent of the owner . In the event of an accident on the part of the renter and if it is his/her fault, the owner reserves the right to invoice the renter for the costs associated with the immobilization of the vehicle, i.e. the daily amount of the rental price of the vehicle in question, multiplied by the number of days of interruption.

4.4 Violation of the Highway Code: The renter shall bear the consequences provided for by law in the event of a violation of the Highway Code. The owner is obliged to transmit the driver’s details to the competent authorities.

5. Return of the vehicle

5.1 Return: The renter is required to return the rented vehicle on the date and time stipulated in the contract. The vehicle must be in perfect working order, clean and with a full tank of fuel. All the accessories available (safety vests, breakdown triangle, sticker etc.) must remain in perfect condition in the vehicle.

5.2 Cleaning: If the vehicle has to be cleaned by us, we will charge a minimum amount of CHF 50.00 or more depending on the condition of the vehicle.

5.3 Responsibility: If the vehicle is returned outside of opening hours, it must be parked in the same place it was picked up. The renter will inform us of his return and make a filmed report of the arrival of the vehicle. The keys will be deposited in the key box. The renter remains fully responsible for the vehicle until it is checked by the staff of the rental agency, therefore for any damage that may occur between the return and the pick-up.

6. Insurance

6.1 Coverage: Liability insurance, breakdown assistance insurance, comprehensive insurance.

6.2 Insured persons: The renter and any third part driver authorized by the owner are covered by his liability insurance. The renter is liable for any damage that is not covered by the civil liability insurance, unless he has a full insurance. Attention, the damages in height, above 2 meters are not covered by the insurance

6.3 Equipment: The renter is entirely responsible for the equipment he/she transports. The owner discharges himself from any responsibility and does not insure in any case possible damage or degradations.

6.4 Serious fault : If the renter is responsible for an accident caused by a serious fault (non-respect of the traffic rules, drinking and driving, speeding or under the effect of medication or various drugs) he will be entirely responsible for the costs incurred as well as for the other vehicles involved. The owner is not responsible.

7. Reservation

7.1 Cancellation of the reservation: The deadline for cancellation is 72 hours before the agreed rental time. If this deadline is not met, 50% of the rental amount will be charged.

7.2. Deposit for reservation : A deposit of 30% of the total amount will be requested at the time of reservation.

8. Credit Cards

I, the undersigned, give Simply Go the right to charge my credit card for all costs related to the rental of the vehicle, listed in the general terms and conditions, i.e., extra kilometers, missing fuel, late return, damage to the vehicle or the rental itself.

9. Place of jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the rental contract, both of which are governed by Swiss law. In the event of a dispute in connection with the present contract, the competent authority will be exclusively the district courts of Fribourg.

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